Community Code of Conduct

From acidic light community wiki

The Community Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines that govern your use of the acidic lighthouse Discord server and any related community services. To an extent, the same code of conduct governs your use of Steam Workshop in Socially Distant and any other games published or developed under the "a game by acidic light" brand.

General guidelines

The following general guidelines govern the entire acidic light community, even if not explicitly stated.

  1. Respect all members at all times. Harassment and bullying will not be tolerated.
  2. Do not spam messages, images, emoji or pings.
  3. NSFW (explicit or suggestive) content is not permitted or tolerated under any circumstances.
  4. Posting invite links to other Discord servers is not allowed unless otherwise cleared by a moderator or administrator.
  5. Offensive or controversial content (racism, homophobia, targeted hate, etc.) are not allowed.
  6. Discuss controversial topics in a civil manner. There are people with differing views on these subjects and all views should be respected when objectively reasonable. Moderators are permitted to forcibly de-escalate or stop debates if necessary.
  7. Do not share harmful links or malware. Do not share executable files.

Handling of Patreon-exclusive content

If you support me on Patreon, you are supporting the entire community. All Patreon funds go toward development of my games as well as server upkeep costs, and for that, I am extremely grateful. In return, I occasionally make content available for early access on my Patreon - and in more rare cases, I make that content exclusive.

Please do not share any Patreon-exclusive or early access content outside of Patreon-exclusive chats without my direct permission. Remember that you paid money to access this content, and others have as well. I've also spent a considerable amount of time and energy making it, and I value my time.

Any unauthorized use of my Patreon content will result in an immediate, permanent ban from the acidic light community. Depending on the circumstances, I will also pursue legal action against your use of my work.

Moderation policy

This policy governs how server staff will handle any violation of the community code of conduct.

General violations

In general, violations will be handled in the following way:

First offense: This will result in a friendly warning and you being directed to this page.

Second offense: This will result in a 24-hour mute. Since IRC has no concept of muting, you will be Z-Lined and Q-Lined for 24 hours instead.

Third offense: This will result in a 1-month ban.

Any future offenses, as well as any attempts to bypass the above restrictions on your account, will result in a permanent ban. Permanent bans carry across the entire community.