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Welcome to the acidic light community wiki.

This is an open wiki for the acidic light community. It's a place to document things I make, things the community comes up with, in-jokes, memes, and whatever else happens in the community that's worthy of a wiki page. You can think of it as the Wikipedia of the acidic light community - because that's literally what it is. It literally runs the Wikipedia backend. Why would you call it anything else?

If you're looking for the Socially Distant wiki, you're not in the right place. You meant to go to the Socially Distant wiki, which is not this wiki. This is the acidic light community wiki, and not the Socially Distant wiki. If you need a reminder, just look at the title of the wiki.

Editing the wiki

For spam reasons, you must be logged in to edit the wiki. You can log in with your acidic light community account. This is the same account you'd use to log in to the Socially Distant forum.

Starting points

Below are some pages I personally think are interesting. That may be biased given I wrote them, but I don't care. For even more interesting reads, feel free to click the Random page button.

Other useful places